Video of John B. Gough

Background Notes

This short film features professional actor J.T. Turner who portrays the temperance orator John B. Gough as he delivers part of a temperance lecture and then discusses his own battle with alcoholism. The film is based upon a play Beating the Demon written by James David Moran. Both works dramatize the actual words of John Gough as found in his published works including his autobiography (hot link on our site.) and his manuscript papers housed at the American Antiquarian Society.

The play Beating the Demon is currently touring to schools and community groups through Damora Productions. Beating the Demon can be performed in any space. All that is required, Damora Productions provides. The performance itself lasts 30 minutes. If you prefer, a question and answer discussion period can follow the performance at no extra charge. It is appropriate for grades five and above and adheres to most national and state curriculum frameworks for the social sciences and language arts. Beating the Demon was first commissioned by the Hillside Restoration Project and funded by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities. The producers also wish to thank Mechanics Hall and the American Antiquarian Society.

For further information please contact:
Damora Productions
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This performance was filmed on February 27, 2007 at the studios of WCCA-TV 13.

J.T. Turner is an award winning actor whose credits include work in radio, television, film and on stage for over twenty years. He is also founder and director of moonlight productions, inc. a nonprofit theater as an outreach to children and teens.

James David Moran wrote, directed, and produced Beating the Demon. In addition to his role as director of outreach at the American Antiquarian Society, he is an educator, playwright, and producer with more than twenty years experience creating plays, multimedia presentations, and curriculum materials.