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October 9, 1850

On the twenty-fourth day of September last, Rebecah, my wife, and Abgenett, my daughter, left my bed and board without any provocation, when I have made ample provision for their support, and I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting them on my account, for I shall not pay any debts of their contracting from date, and any person employing said Rebecah my wife, or daughter, must pay me a fair compensation for her services.
Berlin, Oct. 1, 1850 CALVIN SMITH, JR.

October 9, 1850

Whereas, Calvin Smith, Jr. has cried me down in the Spy, as having left his bed and board without any provocation, and also that he has provided ample means for my support, this is to inform all, that what he has stated is false, he got drunk, and beat me on the side of the head, and it was not the first, second nor third, and ordered me out of his house, and forbid me entering it again, and as to his supporting me, I have never been any expense since I was married to him, I have found my own clothing and my children and the most of his children clothing, for three years, and he has had several hundred dollars by me, and he is now under two hundred dollars to keep the peace towards me. I pay all of my own debts and let him have money to pay his.
Berlin, Oct. 7, 1850 REBEKAH SMITH.

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Exact Title: 
The Massachusetts Spy
Probable Date: 
October 9
S.H. Colton & Co.
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Worcester, Massachusetts
American Antiquarian Society
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News MA Worc Mass