Cheering Facts in the Anti-Tobacco Reform


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1. It is a fact- That many clergymen see the use of tobacco in a new light, and say so; and more clergymen have renounced its use within seven years, than any branch of the Education Society has educated. But one pastor of the Congregational order in New Hampshire is now known to use the article in any form.
2. It is a fact- That ecclesiastical bodies are beginning to denounce the use of this fashionable poison, as thirty years ago they denounced intoxicating drinks; placing the two in the same category.
3. It is a fact- That many pulpits assail this habit as a sin-as a sin which wastes property and time, which poisons the body, demoralizes the soul, and hinders the conversion of sinners at home and the heathen abroad.
4. It is a fact- That many doctors, lawyers, teachers, deacons, and others, a great company in all, have dropped the habit in all forms, and are right glad they have done it, some joyfully exclaiming-"Whereas, we were once blind, now we see."
5. It is a fact- That storekeepers, to some extent, have relinquished the sale of this pernicious article, believing it immoral as the traffic in strong drinks, and have cleared their premises of the nuisance.
6. It is a fact- That bequests to public institutions, now made, are often restricted to students who are pledged against tobacco and kindred evils. Chewing and smoking beneficiaries are rapidly diminishing.
7. It is a fact- That books and tracts in unprecedented quantities, showing the frightful cost and deadly effects of this narcotic, have been spread in cars, schools, colleges, &c.-spread as far as there has been a dollar to do it with.
8. It is a fact- That newspawers, religious and secular, rebuke the habit. They begin to treat it as no joke, but a national nuisance and curse.
9. It is a fact- That thousands of schools have been addressed, and a Gracious God be praised, a great army of boys are coming on as "Bands of Hope"-to battle intemperance, who have never been poisoned by rum or tobacco! A glorious fact!
10. It is a fact- That many have found that this drug is a powerful absorbent of religious sensibility, adapted to stupefy and stultify-an idol in the place of God; and on giving it up they have become happier and more active Christians. They seem as those ‘who are alive from the dead.'
11. It is a fact- That preaching the truth on this subject has been blessed of God to many; in some cases producing convictions of sin, which have sunk deeper and deeper into the soul, and hopefully resulted in salvation, and precious revivals of religion.
12. It is a fact- That what has been done, much or little, has been done without prohibitory laws, or State organizations of any sort, and with but little noise or parade. It has been done by individual effort and self-sacrifice. So far as money is concerned, it has chiefly been done by meagre contributions-contributions in no year amounting to half the salary of many a city organist or city clergyman.
13. It is a fact- That money is needed, a little money, well applied would soon make it a Great and Popular Reform, "says and eminent Divine," if six agents had been employed in doing what has been done, at a salary of a thousand dollars each, the cry would have been, this is a Great Reform!
14. It is a fact- That a Beginning has been made, nothing more; and now unless, "good men and true," open their purses in aid of this Cause, it will literally starve and die.

I appeal to you, Dear Sir, as a friend to Temperance, to the rising generation, to God and man for aid; send just what you please, be it much or little; it will be thankfully acknowledged.

Yours very respectfully,


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Cheering Facts in the Anti-Tobacco Reform
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Trask, George
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Fitchburg, MA
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American Antiquarian Society
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BDSDS. 1859