Boston Courier editorial against Dix's Memorial

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Boston Courier, Feb. 22, 1843

Miss Dix’s Memorial to the Legislature, respecting the condition of the Insane Paupers in the Commonwealth, so far as it respects the town of Danvers, is contradicted by the Overseers of the Poor of that town in a counter memorial. A statement has also appeared in the Greenfield Gazette, from an official source in the town of Shelbourne, so far contradictory of Miss Dix’s statements, as to throw suspicion on the whole of the memorial. Indeed, before we saw the reply of the Danvers Overseers, published some time ago in the Salem Gazette, we had no doubt that Miss Dix’s narratives ought to be received with some qualifications. The statement subsequently made by Dr. Howe and Mr Waterston, respecting the Danvers case, almost persuaded us that lady had not been so extravagant as we had supposed; but the Memorial and the Greenfield statement revive our suspicions. On the whole, we think the public will be quite liberal if they receive her facts at a discount of about fifty percent.

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Boston Courier
Probable Date: 
February 22
Place of Publication: 
Boston, Massachusetts