Hymn about camp meetings


Background Notes

The Camp Meeting Chorister is a collection of hymns and spiritual songs printed and published by John Clarke of Philadelphia, PA, in 1830, with stereography done by Lawrence Johnson, also of Philadelphia.  This hymnal was intentionally non-denominational, for use at camp meetings, revival services, and other religious occasions.  In the 1830s, with the disestablishment of the state churches in New England, Protestant Christians started to cooperate and collaborate more often than they historically had.

Hymn #379 from that hymnal is about camp meetings and the fervor that attends them.  This includes the expressed wish that souls may "be born again" as well as a desire for the Holy Spirit to be with the religious worshippers.  There is a greater emphasis on morality and on the Bible, even if only in paraphrase.

Transcription of Primary Source

Camp-meetings with thy presence crown,
And show't O Lord, they blessings down;
Fill every heard with holy zeal,
And all thy righteousness reveal,
O'er all our hosts do thou preside,
And all our various movements guide;
The praying companies attend,
And show thyself the sinner's friend.
Pour cut the Spirit on thy sons,
And visit thy anointed ones;
May every virgin trim her lamp,
And glory rest upon our camp.
May prayer and praise united rise
Like holy incense to the skies;
In all our hosts display thy power!
May souls be born again this hour!


Curator Notes

Exact Title: 
“HYMN 379, L. M.” from The Camp-meeting chorister; or, A collection of hymns and spiritual songs, for the pious of all denominations.: To be sung at camp meetings, during revivals of religion, and on other occasions.
320 pages
J. Clarke
Place of Publication: 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11 cm.
American Antiquarian Society
Catalog Code: 
Hymnals Camp