Stage Depot Chest Stenciled with Worcester and Boston Stage Routes


Background Notes

Stage schedules published in the Boston directories until 1840 and then in the Boston Almanac suggest list the Worcester to Dudley Accommodation Stage only in 1831 and 1837. The Worcester & Norwich Railroad was completed in 1839 [Boston Almanac, 1840]. The 1839 Boston Almanac indicates that passengers could take the Worcester cars from Boston and then take the stage from Worcester to Norwich where they could meet a boat for NYC, if so desired. In 1840, the Worcester directory already listed "Accommodation Cars" from Worcester to Norwich. It seems likely that the "Worcester & Norwich" stage line did not continue long after the completion of railroad service between the two towns.

Curator Notes

Probable Date: 
Simple red painted pine three drawer chest with double ogee bracket ends; top board dovetailed to sides with wide, open dovetails; drawer dividers adn runner supports let into dadoes in sides; sides of drawers dovetailed to front and rear panels; drawer bottoms fit into dadoes in front and side panels and are nailed to the back board; drawer bottoms are chamfered on 3 sides; back boards fit into rabbets at sides; boards have been renailed with combination of old cut and new wire nails; mouse damage on top edge of back board of one drawer repaired with a row of short nails; on another drawer the damage was repaired with sheet metal tacked to the edge, only small fragments of which remain; front and sides of chest painted red; back painted white when the rest of the chest was repainted; drawers stenciled in yellow paint: "WORCESTER & NORWICH STAGE;" "BOSTON & DUDLEY STAGE"; "BOSTON & HARTFORD STAGE"; the word stage in 2" letters, the rest 1 1/4"; iron bails with bow shaped back plates are not original but were attached with blunt screws of various sizes, probably at time white paint was removed; they replaced original two post pulls.
H: 39 1/4" (99.7 cm.); W: 32 1/4" (81.9 cm.); D: 15 1/4" (38.7 cm.)
Wood: pine; iron/steel