Accepting a Marriage Proposal


Transcription of Primary Source

[Postmarked Boston, May, 1840]

Mr. Freeman Dear Sir

I did not receive your letter until the 23rd of may and was happy to hear that your bodily health was good. My health is as good as it was when I left. I am sorry to hear that Augusta is so unwell. It makes it unpleasant for you but hope her Thomsonian medercine will relieve her.

You have give me an Invitation to your castle for a home and am happy of the Invitation as I know you are a man of honour. I shall throw myself upon your care and protection and according to your Invitation I will meet you at Brookfield the 5th day of June.

My respects to Augusta and except the same yourself.

Your sincere friend and well−wisher Mary Pease


Curator Notes

Probable Date: 
May 1840
Edited by Old Sturbridge Village.
Pease, Mary
Old Sturbridge Village
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Freeman Family Papers

Mary Pease to Pliny Freeman, Sr., May, 1840, Freeman Family Papers.