New Haven five-dollar note



Background Notes

Five dollar banknote issued by the Eagle Bank of New Haven, CT. Left border reads: "FIVE" in block capitals superimposed upon a vertical guilloche. Right hand border displays Roman Numeral "V" upon an elaborately engraved oval medallion which is the central figure of a series of vertically arranged oval medallions. Central design motif at top center features Minerva, at right, approached by the five Fates. The background is a classical landscape with a temple on the hillside, a waterfall, a three-masted, square-rigged sailing ship & at left, an airborne Pegasus. Text of the note reads: "The/Eagle Bank of New Haven/Promise to pay to W. Bristol or bearer on demand/Five Dollars/New Haven Feby 4, 1823." A wreath-encircled oval medallion portrait of Washington is centered at bottom. Engravers' name "Murray, Draper, Fairman & Co." at bottom left.