Resolutions of the Republican state convention

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At Worcester, September 7, 1854.


            At ten o’clock, the Hall was well filled with Delegates form the central and western portions of the State; but, owing to the nou-arrival of the Boston train, the meeting was not called to order until a quarter past eleven o’clock. At that time John A. Andrew, Esq., of Hingham, Chairman of the Provisional Committee, called the Convention to order…

            Hon. Chas. Sumner then came forward and was received with the most enthusiastic demonstrations of confidence, affection, and respect. His speech was one of the most powerful and eloquent that ever was delivered in Massachusetts or anywhere else. He spoke for one hour and a quarter, and was listened to in breathless silence, except when at the termination of his brilliant and effective sentences the feelings of the audience burst forth in spontaneous cheers…

            About 3 o’clock p.m. the Committee on resolutions reported the following series which were separately presented to the Convention and unanimously adopted amid loud applause.

            Resolved, That the Republican party is pre-eminently the party of the Union and the Constitution; of Law and Order; and may justly claim to be the true National and Democratic party; because it is opposed in its principles, sentiments and aims, to Sectionalism, Secession, and Disunion; is equally desirous of the welfare of every part of the country; and disregarding the aristocratic hereditary distinctions of birth and color, maintains the right of all men to Freedom and Equality before the Law.

            Resolved, That the Republicans of Massachusetts, in co-operation with the friends of Freedom in other States, are pledged to make the question of Freedom paramount to all other political questions, and to labor for the accomplishment of the following purposes:

            To bring the administrations of the General Government back to the National principle of Liberty.

            To repeal the Fugitive Slave Bill.

            To restore the prohibition of Slavery in Kansas and Nebraska.

            To prohibit Slavery in all the Territories.

            To resist the acquisition of Cuba, or any other territory unless Slavery therein be prohibited.

            To refuse admission into the Union of any more Slave States.

            To abolish Slavery in the District of Columbia

            To protect the Constitutional rights of citizens going to other States, and to sustain all other constitutional measure of opposition to Slavery.

            Resolved, That Massachusetts has the constitutional right, and it is her imperative duty to enact laws which shall protect the Liberty of her citizens, by securing to them the right of habeas corpus, and the trial by jury, in all cases involving the question of personal freedom; and which shall effectually restrain and punish the atrocious crime of kidnapping free men into Slavery.

            Resolved, That the recent prostitution of the Municipal Government of Boston, to the service of Slavery, and the temporary establishment of a military rule in the streets of that city, in violation of the Laws and of private rights, under the immediate eye of the Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Militia of the Commonwealth, deserves the sternest rebuke of the People, and calls for prompt action on the part of the Legislature.

            Resolved, That the effort to preserve Freedom in Kansas and Nebraska, by settling these territories with free men, claims and receives our warmest sympathy, and most hearty co-operation.

            Resolved, That the prohibition, by law, of the sale of intoxicating liquors as a beverage, is the right and duty of the people.

            Resolved, That in HENRY WILSON and INCREASE SUMNER, we offer to the people of this Commonwealth, candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieut. Governor, of high ability and tried integrity, and of [?] public services, who [?] represent the free sentiments of Massachusetts.

            Resolved, That the Republican party of Massachusetts will not support any man for office, who will not carry out the principles of these Resolutions…

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Exact Title: 
The Massachusetts Spy
Vol. LXXXIII, Iss. 37
Probable Date: 
September 13
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Worcester, Massachusetts
American Antiquarian Society