Invitation to action by joining the New England Emigrant Aid Company


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Boston, March 1, 1855

Dear Sir:

The question of Freedom or Slavery, in the Territory of Kanzas, is now an emphatic one, and claims immediate attention. The decision rests upon numerical force and moral influence. The field of contest, in its natural advantages, is highly attractive to the Northern Emigrant, and this fact, together with the assurance of organized cooperation and the expectation of facilities to be furnished by the Emigrant Aid Company, has induced thousands to turn their thoughts Kanzas-ward.

The investments already made are calculated to benefit the condition of the Emigrant, and promise to be profitable to the Company. To meet the demands of the Emigration the ensuing season, and fulfil the expectations that have been raised, large additional funds are required. To supply these, subscriptions to the Stock of the Company are solicited.

A Charter, perfectly satisfactory in its conditions, has been obtained; the confidence of the community and of the Emigrant is already secured, and nearly every town in New England is ready to furnish its full quota of men and women of the most reliable character.

Extensive acquaintance throughout New England, the past winter, and free access to various authentic sources of information, justify me in asserting with confidence, that the question of Freedom or Slavery in Kanzas, so far at least as the popular will there may decide it, has become one of pecuniary means alone.

Shall the tide of Emigration be checked, and the sacred cause of Freedom at this crisis, languish or fail for the lack of a few thousand dollars? Permit me, most respectfully but earnestly, to invite your cooperation.

I shall meet such of your fellow citizens as may wish to enquire more fully into the details of the Company’s operations, and the prospects of success, at [Fitchburg] on [Friday] Evening, at [7] o’clock, [at the Lower Town Hall]

Your attendance, with that of any friends you may choose to invite, is respectfully requested.

E. B. WHITMAN, Financial Agent,
N. E. Emigrant Aid Co.


Pecuniary - consisting of or measured in money; of or relating to money

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“Boston, March 1, 1855. : Dear Sir: The question of freedom or slavery, in the territory of Kansas, is now an emphatic one, and claims immediate attention…”
New England Emigrant Aid Company
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Boston, Massachusetts
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BDSDS. 1855