Purpose and plans of the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company


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Boston, July 28th, 1854.


The EMIGRANT AID COMPANY, through their Trustees, MESSRS. AMOS A. LAWRENCE, of BOSTON, J. M. S. WILLIAMS, of CAMBRIDGE, and ELI THAYER, of WORCESTER, would respectfully call your attention to the following brief outline of its purpose and plans.

Its objects are to impart information to Emigrants arriving in this Country, and to protect them from fraud; also to direct attention at the present time, and to afford facilities to persons emigrating to Kansas and Nebraska; to procure for them cheap fare and good accommodations on the route; to advise them, through agents, on their arrival out, in regard to eligible sites for settlements; to secure for their benefit, by purchase or otherwise, advantageous locations as landing-places, a general rendezvous for outfitting purposes, &c.; to erect Receiving Houses for the temporary convenience of settlers’ families; to establish Furnishing Stores, at which, on reasonably low terms, the necessaries and comforts of life may be purchased; to erect, or aid individuals in erecting and conducting Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Machine Shops, and similar establishments, essential in new settlements; to introduce the Printing Press, and thus afford a medium of communication between the settlers, their friends, and the public.

To accomplish these and kindred objects, the Trustees propose to issue Stock not to exceed, for the present, the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars, in Shares of Twenty Dollars each; of which Fifty Thousand Dollars must be subscribed by the 10th of September next.

The Trust Deed, a copy of which will be furnished each Stockholder, requires the Trustees, at stated periods, to account for all expenditures, the funds on hand, &c.; and it restricts them from incurring debts beyond the funds in hand.

So far as it may be consistent with the objects above, the investments in land or other property, will be made with reference to yielding a profit to the Stockholders.

It is hoped that the objects proposed will meet with your approval, and receive your co-operation; to secure the latter, one of the Committee on Subscriptions of Stock will take the liberty of waiting upon you, at any early day.

Respectfully yours,
Secretary of Emigrant Aid Company.

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“Boston, July 28th, 1854. : Sir—The Emigrant Aid Company, through their Trustees, Messers….”
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Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company
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