Letter from Walter B. Beebe in Cadiz, Ohio to his parents in Wilbraham, Massachusetts


Background Notes

Walter Beebe was the son of Steward and Huldah Beebe. His father, Steward, was a commander in the Revolutionary War. Walter was born sometime between 1780 and 1790. He attended Williams College before ending up in Cadiz, Ohio. He eventually became a militia general there and died in 1836.

Transcription of Primary Source

Cadiz May 17th 1813

Honored Parents,

I am about 250 miles from the Camp of the North Western Army and hear direct from it as often as once a week. By expresses who arrived here last week we are informed that Gen. Harrison is besieged at fort Meigs by about 2500 British and Indians, and that all communication with the settled part of this State is cut off, or rather, become very difficult. The militia of this State are turning out by thousands, part by draft and part by volunteering, to keep open the communication with the Camp and to defend our frontier from the insurrection of the savages. It is expected much [or such] damage will be done this Summer by the Indians. I am so far from the frontier I am under no apprehension of personal danger. I have not yet been drafted nor do I think I shall be this summer. A rifle company from this town march this day for the North Western army. The people of this State are becoming verry [sic] sick of the war. Nothing would induce them to turn out but the fear of being massacred by the incurtions [sic] of the Savages. Great prices are given for Substitutes to perform tours of duty. I myself have heard men offer 120 dollars and the United States pay for the performance of a tour of duty, amounting in the whole to 168 dollars for six months. The people of this State, I think, are coming to their true sences[sic]: They think it hardly worth while to undergo the fatigues and perils of a Savage warfare for the protection of a few Irish seamen when out of the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States.

I remain your affectionate child ------------- Walter B. Beebe

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May 17
Walter B. Beebe
Old Sturbridge Village
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Beebe Family Collection