Lesson One: The Three Perspectives on Native American Removal

1. Divide the class into three groups; optimally, each group should have a minimum of 5 students.

2. Hand out a copy of the Primary Source Circles guidelines to each group. Have each member of the group select a role to play from the guidelines, identifying a facilitator, an author, an audience, a time researcher, and a wordsmith. Be sure all of the roles are filled except for the connector and the summarizer; save those two roles for Lesson Two and the assessment portion of the lesson.

3. Hand out a document or packet of documents to each group. Each student should read the document(s) and answer the questions assigned to their role.


Each group should present their findings to the entire class. This should be followed by a question-and-answer period directed by the group's facilitator. Other groups should be taking appropriate notes on relevant subject matter.