Images of Printing



Background Notes

These images relate to the business and process of printing in Isaiah Thomas's time. They include pictures of Isaiah Thomas's first press, "Old No. 1," which now resides in Antiquarian Hall at the American Antiquarian Society, as well as woodcuts from nineteenth-century books. In the "View Full Document and Print Quality" version they are in the following order:

  1. Picture of Old No. 1
  2. Close-up picutre of Old No. 1
  3. Close-up picture of Old No. 1
  4. Image of printer at his typecase
  5. Woodcut of printer working a press
  6. Woodcut of a Bookseller's shop
  7. Woodcut of an author
  8. Woodcut of the engraver
  9. Woodcut of the lithographer
  10. Woodcut of the bookbinder
  11. Woodcut of printer at his typecase
Historical Theme: