Discovering Isaiah Thomas

Discovering Isaiah Thomas

Level:  Advanced: Day 1 – Introduction

Time:  90 – 100 minutes

          Old “No. 1”
          The Lawyer’s Pedigree
          This Indenture Witnesseth - Isaiah Thomas’s Contract of Indenture 

          overseer, fornication, gaming, antiquity, codicil

          Students will discover:
1)     discover Revolutionary patriot printer, Isaiah Thomas, and his contributions to the formation of the United States; and
2)     make connections between one man’s life and the times in which he lived.

Give a brief biographical sketch of Revolutionary patriot printer, Isaiah Thomas.

1)     Separate class into 3 groups – A, B, and C
Group A – young Isaiah
Group B – Isaiah Thomas during the Revolution
Group C – Isaiah Thomas and his contributions during the latter part of his life.
2)     Each student will find biographical information pertaining to the period of Isaiah Thomas’s life that they have chosen.  They will also find information on the events in American history during that time.
3)     Each student will make a fictional journal entry by Isaiah Thomas at a major point in his life, making connections with the events going on in the United States at that time.
NOTE:  Students should use facts not only about Isaiah Thomas, but also about events taking place in American history at that time.
4)     Choose the best journal entry from each group, then have the student read his/her work, allowing the class to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each person’s work.