Letter from missionary about Cherokee religion


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Fort Deposit, Dec. 12, 1818

My dearly beloved Brother and Sister,--

I just sit down to address you with my pen. But is this all? Am I so soon called to bid you adieu, and see your faces no more in this world? O my beloved friends, you know not the love I bear to that blessed spot, where I have spent so many happy hours with you ; but it is past, never to return.

Dear friends, I weep; my heart is full ; tears flow from my eyes while I write : and why is it so? Do I murmur” God forbid, Ought I not to praise the lord for what I have received, and trust him for every thing? O yes, his ways are best, and he has graciously promised, that “all things shall work together for good to them that love him.” But do I love him? Have I that love to him, which will enable me to keep all his commandments? Do I love him with all my heart? O that the lord would search me, and lead me in the way of eternal life.

I am here amongst a wicked set of people, and never hear prayers or any godly conversation. O my dear friends, pray for me : I hope you do. There is not a day passes but I think of you and the kindness I received during thee time I staid with you. It is not my wish to go to the Arkansas ; but God only knows what is best for me. I shall not attempt to tell you what I have felt since I left you, and the tears I have shed when I called to mind the happy moments we passed in singing the praises of God. However, I bear it as well as I possibly can, trusting in our dear Saviour, Who will never leave nor forsake them that put their trust in him. It is possible that I may see you once more; it would be a great happiness to me if I don’t go to Arkansas ; perhaps I may ; but if I should go, it is not likely that we shall meet in this world again :--but you will excuse me, for my heart feels what I cannot express with my pen. When I see the poor thoughtless Cherokees going on in sin, I cannot help blessing god, that he has lead me in the right path to serve him.

O may we meet at last in the kingdom of our blessed Saviour, never more to part. Farewell, my dear brother and sister, farewell.

From your affectionate sister in Christ,

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Memoir of Catharine Brown, a Christian Indian of the Cherokee Nation.
180 pages, 1 illustration; 15 cm.
Rufus Anderson
Samuel T. Armstrong, and Crocker and Brewster
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American Antiquarian Society
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R B877 Ande M825