Bonaparte in Trouble


Transcription of Primary Source

EXPLANATION. 1 The Infernal spirit enticing Bonaparte with the Crown of Rusia ___ 2 Bonaparte arrested in his progress by the Russian Bear __ 3 The British Lion attacking him in the rear, having already wrested from his power the Crowns of Spain & Portugal __ 4 The Confederated Eagles of Austria & Prussia plucking the feathers of the Rhinish Confederation __ 5 The Genius of Europe breaking the scepter of Bonaparte and loudly proclaiming Louis the XVIII

Curator Notes

Type: Political Cartoon

Exact Title: Bonaparte in trouble.

Year: 1815
Probable Date:


Author/Creator: Amos Doolittle

Publisher: Shelton & Kensett
Place of Publication: New Haven, Connecticut

Dimensions: 24.7 x 36.3 cm.

Materials: 1 print : hand-colored engraving


Catalog Number: American Antiquarian Society Polit. Cart. B698