Resolution to jail dangerous persons

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In PROVINCIAL CONGRESS, New York, June 30th, 1776.

WHEREAS the Congress have received intimations that divers[e] disaffected and dangerous persons in this colony have lately left their usual places of residence, and secreted themselves in woods, swamps, and other places, in all probability with a design to join the enemy when an opportunity shall offer, which, if not prevented, will greatly endanger the peace, quiet, and safety of the inhabitants.

RESOLVED THEREFORE, That it be, and it is hereby recommended to the Committees of the several Cities, Towns, Manors, Precincts, and districts in this Colony, to cause to be apprehended and brought before them, all such persons as are above described, and that they cause them to be sent under a strong guard, some goal [jail], or other places of security in this colony. And the said Committees are hereby empowered to order the officers of the militia in their several districts to carry this Resolution into effectual execution.

Extract from the minutes.



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Type: Newspaper

Exact Title:
Periodical: Connecticut Courant
Page(s): 2

Year: 1776
Probable Date: July 8, 1776



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Catalog Number: American Antiquarian Society News