Views of Common Places

A View of Concord, taken in 1776


Following the Battle of Lexington, Smith and his troops soon departed and continued on their way to Concord. In the meantime, warning already had been sent that the British were still intending to head to Concord to complete their mission. This gave the militia in Concord time to regroup and set...

A View of the Green in Lexington


April 19, 1775 was the first day of the American Revolution. There were several events that led up to this fateful day, including the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, and the Stamp Act, to name a few. The colonists were agitated by the policies that the British crown continued to place on them...

View of Faneuil Hall


Faneuil Hall was constructed near the old town dock in 1742 through funding of prominent Boston citizen Peter Faneuil. In 1761, the hall was reduced to ashes and rebuilt by means of public lottery. Considered "perhaps the first colonial experiment in a municipal auditorium"[1], the hall and...

A View of the Bridge over the Charles River


Samuel Hill (1766-1804) was a prominent Boston engraver active between 1789 and 1803. He is best known for his detailed maps and views of prominent places.

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