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Overland Immigration

"Overland Immigration" from Frontier Guardian (1851)

Overland Immigration
A copy of the El Dorado News, of Saturday last, contains an announcement of the arrival at Placerville of the first companies of the immigration by the plains this season. The most forward party reached that place on the 17th inst., making the trip from St. Joseph in seventy-seven days. This party came by the way of Sublette's cut-off, and report having met two returning companies of Californians, who were in good health and well advanced. The first division of these homeward bound travelers was met near Soda Springs. The second camp was encountered at the head of the Humboldt.

The California overland immigration is "rolling on." It will scarcely exceed a thousand souls, according to the representation of the advance guard. About two thousand turned off on the Oregon road. There are few families on their way across the plains, the accounts of the sufferings of the last year.s emigration having intimidated many.

The first company that arrived at Placerville was composed of the following persons. They were a party of packers.

Laporte, Ind.L. W. Keely, C. C. Crandell, W. Lemon, and John Hart.

Joiliet, Ill.H. Carpenter, N. Flax

On the 21st, the second party of emigrants "packed in," arriving at El Dorado in good health, making the journey from Kanesville, on the Missouri River, in seventy-nine days. They were not molested seriously by the Indians along the route, their chief trouble being the scarcity of grass. For about a fortnight travel after leaving the Missouri, they found grazing food, but about two hundred miles this side of Fort Laramie, it failed, and continued scarce during the greater part of the way.

This company came via. the Salt Lake country, and found the colony prosperous and increasing. They rejoice in the prospect of full harvests, and received the emigrants kindly.

We append the names of this company. They have suffered none from the sickness along the route, and report those behind making excellent progress:

Dundee, Ill..Thos. Pindar, Riley Holdridge.

Potosi, Wis..Samuel Hunt, Mr. Garey

Racine, Wis..Capt. Head

Missouri.Noah Simpson

Elkhart County, Mich..M. Rowe, Mr. Bates, John Rowe


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