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Pacific Appeal

Pacific Appeal Volume XIV, Number 6

Pacific Appeal

Established in 1862.

The PACIFIC APPEAL is the immediate successor of the Mirror of the Times, which was established by colored men in San Francisco.

In 1855.

The present editor and Proprietor of the PACIFIC APPEAL being one of the founders of the Mirror of the Times, and from his long residence in the State, has been enabled to attain a thorough knowledge of all the political movements of the leading colored and white citizens on the Pacific Coast

. The PACIFIC APPEAL has long been regarded on the Pacific Coast, as also in the Eastern States, as a reliable index of the doings of the colored citizens of the Pacific States and the adjacent Territories. Every important political or other movement made by colored citizens on the Pacific shores is promptly detailed by correspondents.

The Pacific Appeal is Republican in principal; but independent in thought and action. It s columns are open to all parties for the logical discussion of all questions appertaining to the welfare and progress of all citizens, without regard to race, color, condition, etc.

One of the principal features of the PACIFIC APPEAL is the Masonic intelligence it furnishes, from time to time, from the various Grand Lodges of colored Masons in the respective States, conveying to all Masons, white and colored, throughout the [unreadable] valuable information concerning these hitherto seemingly isolated, though respectable bodies.

And as a whole, with its political attitude, extensive influence, and wide circulation, it is acknowledged by the intelligent of all classes, colored and white, to be the most desirable and readable newspaper ever published by colored men on the Pacific Coast, and equals the best of the journals ever published by colored men in the Atlantic States.


From the collections of the American Antiquarian Society



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